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  • ☆combat anxiety & break bad habits: whether you're trying to quit a habit like nail biting or smoking, or you're trying to focus and get your mind off your problems, having something to do with your hands helps immensely. That's where these amazing stress relief fidget cube desk toys come in!
  • ☆ backed by neuropsychology & science: despite their seemingly simplistic concept, fidget toys are actually backed by science! By providing your brain with additional sensory information, you redirect your mental resources from whatever else you may be thinking to the task at hand, so to speak. That way, it's much easier to relax and focus on something else!
  • ☆six sides, six different fidgeting cube experiences: our epochair fidget cube offers 6 sides of functonality to help keep you focused and in your prime. Whether you are a perptetual pen clicker, leg shaker or noise maker - the epochair fidget cube is the solution for you.
  • ☆the best quality, the awesome colour: epochair fidget cube is not the cheapest one but absolutely the amazing one. Constructed of extra durable nonplastic silicon, camo design. You are the most dazzling among the people when you hold it.
  • ☆1 year money back guarantee: we have great faith in our premium fidget cube desk toy. After all, we use them daily ourselves! However, the fidget cube you receive doesn't turn out to be what you expected, we'll be happy to get you your money back! To us, your satisfaction is paramount!


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Afford Yourself The Ultimate Stress Relief & Relaxation Gadget - Starting Today!
Do you often find yourself overstressed, worrying or thinking too much?
Aren't you sick and tired of being unable to tune out your stress and anxiety and relax or focus to more immediate matters?
If that's the case, there's a very simple yet effective trick to it - these amazing fidget toys may just prove to be exactly what you need!

Premium Fidget Cube By EpochAir - The Ultimate Fidgeting Sensory Stress Relief Desk Toy
They can help you relax, take your mind off stressing thoughts, relieve your anxiety and refrain from bad habits like nail biting and smoking.
What's more, sensory & fidget stress relief toys are small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket. You can use them when you're studying at home, working at the office, or you can even take one along everywhere you go!

A Smart, Intuitive Idea Backed By Science!
Do stress and anxiety-relieving toys sound silly to you? Well, newsflash - they're backed by neuropsychology!
By doing something with your hands, you're feeding your brain extra sensory information to process, which causes it to shift its "attention" from what's stressing you to what you're doing at the moment.
Relieving stress and focusing attention with fidget toys is a method frequently utilized in therapy, after all: these little toys are a great practical treatment aid for stress, anxiety, and attention-related therapies!