Clear Magnetic Push Pins - Perfect Magnets for Fridge, Calendars, Whiteboards, and Maps

magnetic push pins

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  • CLEAR ACRYLIC - This vibrant magnet comes in clear. Perfect for kids, crafts, color coding, or a cheery office!
  • SUPER STRONG - These colorful magnets reliably hold up to 10 sheets of printer paper with a single magnet!
  • VERSATILE MAGNETIC PUSH PINS - Perfect office magnet and home magnet set for map magnets, calendar magnets, whiteboard magnets, and refrigerator magnets.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Each magnet you buy will last a lifetime or MapMagnets will replace them for free. If our product is unsatisfactory feel free to send it back and recieve 100% of your money back! No risk!
  • PERFECT SIZE - One individual magnet, including the plastic casing, is 11 x 17 mm. The diameter of each magnetic disc is 7 mm.


Clear Magnetic Push Pins. Apply to any magnetic surface - magnetic whiteboard, fridges, cabinets and lockers. Guaranteed to keep your photos and notes up. Perfect also for marking magnetic maps and as fridge magnets. This magnet set complies with the regulations and labeling requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Option1:   4pcs/set  Clear magnetic push pins

Option2:   12pcs/set  Clear magnetic push pins

Option3:   24pcs/set  Clear magnetic push pins

Option4:   48pcs/set  Clear magnetic push pins

Option5:   200pcs/set  Clear magnetic push pins

Option6:   24pcs/set  Colorful magnetic push pins

Option7:   48pcs/set  Colorful magnetic push pins