Magic UFO Magnetic Floating Flying Saucer

The disk can suspend in the air when you carefully practice and perform after learning the physics principles of the magnetic suspending disk.

Test your ability of balancing, harmonizing, patience and perseverance.

Packaging box size: 6.3*5.9*1.8" (16*14.5*4.5cm) Weight: 690g

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The Magic UFO (Flying Saucer).

This toy is made up from the permanent magnet material refined by the high technique, being the golden key to rush into the science, it has the same principle adopted by the most advanced magnet aerotrain of Shanghai in the current world.

Operation guidebook:

1.Hold both ends of the holding slice, slowly lift the flying saucer up to about 3 or 4 centimeters after the flying saucer runs evenly, if the weight is fit, then the flying saucer will spring up automatically and begin suspending flying. 2.If the flying saucer runs unsteadily while beginning to revolve, uplift one side of the holding slice to form a leaning angle, then the flying saucer will gradually be stable. 3.The flying saucer will quickly go down if it shaked fiercely, automatically making use of the magnetic field strength, the flying saucer can find out the center and reach the stability, then uplift to the suspending place. 4.if the flying saucer revolves more stable before suspending, it suspends more steadily and lasts more.

Principle analysis:

The composition of forces is zero when the flying saucer were effected by equilibrant, the expression is G+ F=0, namely the F and the G are equal in size, contrary in direction and keeping in the same straight line. In addition, this also involves the air resistance, the whirlpool friction, the energy conservation principle, the earth magnetic field, the peg-top stalk-settling principle etc. Operation principle: The magnetic force of the flying sauces?s suspending point is a fixed value.Accordingly increasing or decreasing through the adjusting slice, the G makes G= G1+ G2( the G1 is the weight of the flying saucer, the G2 is the weight of the gravity adjusting slice). Through careful drilling after you apprehend the physics principle of the suspending flying saucer, the flying saucer suspending in the air without electric power and fulcrum, you can get endless fun. Selection of the place: Keep away from those objects that can be effected by the magnet, put where is flat. Announcements: Human can not feel the weak change about the Earth magnetic field and the Earth gravitation, but they can be aware through operating the suspending flying saucer. The weight of the flying saucer that has been well adjusted may require some slight adjustment when the operating place is changed( or at the same place but not the same time). The reasons are---this phenomena is effected by the distribution of the Earth magnetic field, different times and places, the Earth gravitation will change correspondingly.