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Product Description

      • It's called thinking putty, because when you do any shape you want, your brain to relax and open up a variety of creative thinking. You can also knead it . Or play it , bend it , tear it , expand it, break it , stretch it . It is very wonderful with the 1/2 inch cube rare earth magnets together, they can become be any shape you want it.

        1.Containing metallic components , the magnet can be adsorbed

        2.Random drawing style ( shape retention time depending on temperature , and can be kept more than 10 minutes )
        3.Can be twisted like a ball bouncing ball after
        4.Safety grease materials, not easily changed with the passage of time or crushed dried


        Name: Magnetic plasticine
        Material: Safe silicone
        Color: Black
        Size: 7.5cmx7.5cmx15.5cm
        Packing: Retail packaging

        Package Includes:

            1x Magnetic Putty

            1x Magnetic Cube

            1x Tin Box