12 Color-Change LED Candle Set with Remote

Size of the 3 Candles: 

Small 6CM, Middle 7CM, Large 8CM

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Product Details

  • Materail:paraffin wax with scent
  • Built-in color changing LED light
  • Only romance, no dangerous flames, no fumes, no wax mess.
  • 4 or 8 hour timer settings - Turn off automatically after 4 hours or 8 hours
  • Flickering candle or steady light mode
  • One remote can conrol many candles
  • Each candle can be individual set according to your requirements
  • Multicolour button - Change 12 colours automatically / Stop at the current colour.
  • Remote control range: approx. 3-4m
  • Powered by 2 pcs CR2032 batteries per candle
  • Diameter: about 1-3/4"
  • Environment friendly - somkeless and no CO2 emission
  • Flameless candles are safe near curtains, beds & other home furniture.
  • Safe for children, pets
  • Ideal for indoors or outdoors especially for patry and tea time;



  • 1* 2-3/8" Ivory Candle
  • 1* 2-3/4" Ivory Candle
  • 1* 3-1/8" Ivory Candle
  • 1* Remote control


Friendly Reminders:

(1)Size of the 3 Candles:  Small 2-3/8"= 6CM, Middle:  2-3/4"= 7CM, Big: 3-1/8"= 8CM , please make sure it is the suitable size for you before ordering. Thank you.


(2)Each Candle is powered by 3pcs CR2032 batteries, which can offer 10-20 hours working time. If the battery power is drained up, please replace it by yourself, then it can work normally.


Please turn off the candle not only by remote control but also by the candle switch(at bottom of each candle)when you don't use it, or the battery will lose power quickly.

 (3) If your remote control can't work, please take out the remote control battery and re-install it, sometime the battery connection problem occurs on the remote control.