11 in 1 Multi Pocket Card Survival Knife Camping Tool Outdoor Saber Screw Wrench

Multi Function Portable Outdoor Saber Card Knife

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NameCard Knife
MaterialsStainless Steel
Coloras photo
  1. Tin opener: the hook below should be coordinate with the blade above, easily open tin cans.
    Live wrench: long strip shape, hollow slot, can twist any flat, thick, thin items with turnbuckles.
    Zigzag:a double row crisscross, increase strength, improve efficiency, not only can be used to saw the logs and branches, but also be easily used to remove fish scales.
    Additionally ,the minus screwdriver has a round hole on the cross, can hung this card on the key ring.
    Position wrench: two types of hexagonal wrench, the model of which is smaller than that in the function
    Direction indicator: use the calibration of sixteen equals to measure the different directions accurately.
    Positioning wrench: four types of hexagonal wrench, suitable for daily used bolts and nuts.
    Straightedge rule: adopt metric scale, the minimum scale for mm.
    Bottle opener: suitable for beer bottle cap, beverage bottle cap.
    Screwdriver: located on the corner of a card (this location makes use of the principle of mechanical strength and more save your efforts. ),from the scientific point of view, cutting into minus screwdriver, can loosen and tighten the screws of common types..
    Lateral Knife: a sharp edge, can cut off the rope, it is not a problem after washing the knife clearly.

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  • 1 x Knife