Mf8 black cube 12 Side surfaces 5x5 Gigaminx

12 Side surfaces 5x5 Gigaminx

Black body ,Sticker was Finished, Presented with portable bag.

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The Gigaminx was first built by TBTTyler. The V1 was large and a bit unstable but functional and a historic achievement.

Since then TBTTyler's V2 Gigaminx improved on this by using a V-Cube like design and was smaller and more stable.

Other Gigaminxs have been built since, namely PuzzleMaster42's design built by Aleh Hladzilin (V-Cube inspired, the second design and first stable Gigaminx), and Dreseph's V1.5 hybrid design.

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Age: above 6 years old

Size: 11.5cm x11.5cm x 11.5cm

Net: 450g

ABS material PVC stickers


Easy & Smooth to move high quality


Package include:
1 pc 5x5 Magic Cube