Mf8 Black cube 12 Side surfaces 3x3

12 Side surfaces 3x3 Megaminx

Black body ,Sticker was Finished, Presented with portable bag.

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The Megaminx originally entered production in 1982, but since its first limited-edition incarnation its popularity has risen. It is the "most complicated Magic Polyhedron in production".
The Megaminx isn't much more difficult to solve than the Magic's Cube, because although there are many more pieces (and many more combinations) the number of faces to turn allows you a great deal of freedom when much of the Megaminx is already solved.


Product Details:

Age: above 6 years old

Size: 8cm x8cm x 8cm

Net: 180g

ABS material PVC stickers

Color: Black

Easy & Smooth to move high quality


Package include:
1 pc 3x3 Magic Cube