Dayan Zhanchi 2x2 Speed Cube 50mm Stickerless

2x2x2 Dayan Zhanchi magic cube, 5.0cm

6 colors, Stickerless

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In 2013 Dayan released its first 2x2 speed cube leveraging its Zhanchi market leading design, immediately becoming one of the world’s best 2x2x2 designs for speed cubing. The Stickerless version uses 6 plastic colors, no stickers needed. Standard 50mm size.

1. Stickerless Dayan 2x2 uses 6 plastic colors.
2. User Adjustable Tension.
3. Designed for Speed Cubing, double anti-pop construction and high fault tolerance.
4. Solve it when each side matches.
5. Standard Size 50mm x 50mm x 50mm.
6. Pre-assembled, package includes one genuine Dayan cube new in box.

Package include:
1 pc 2 x 2 x 2 Magic Cube Stickerless