Clear Transparent Money Maze Save Cash

Money Maze Brain Teaser Box

Clear Transparent, 97mm

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It is transparent box with inner and outer layer. In the empty center can hold coin, paper money or any or any love letter etc. The maze is between the center and outer layer. There is a bead in the maze. When you put paper money or love letter or coin into the empty center through upside of maze. You will have to squeeze, shake the bead until it reach the top of tank where is assigned. Then the pot door will open . You get your money after doing such a hard working finally
With an unique maze design. Keep you busy for hours.
A transparent body structure & good ornament for your house decoration.
As a good and funny gift to your friends.
To challenge your supreme patience and intelligence.

Material: PS
Weight (g): 170
Size (mm): 97*97*97mm

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 - 1x Money Maze