Black C4U Full Fuction 3x3x7 Cube

C4U 3x3x7 Cube

Solve it by making each side one solid color

Black body

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This C4U (a.k.a MHZ, Cube4U, Cube4You) 3X3X7 Speed Cube is a new twist to the popular C4U 3X3 cube series. C4U cubes are highly regarded by most cubers for their excellent ability to cut corners. They also tend to pop less and have smoother turning than many other cubes. They are available in many different colors and have been gaining in popularity recently despite some reports hat the quality can deterorite over time. The general consensus is that C4U cubes are one of the better cubes available on the market, and are recommended for speedcubing


100% brand new.
High challenge, perfect for testing your mental skill and patience.
3x3x7 type.
Black base core
Size: 57mmx57mmx57mm

Package include:
1 pc Magic Cube