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Kongming lock puzzle toy

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This is an amazing intellectual toy. It can stimulate and exercise your Right & Left brain, compared to other toys.

If you are not familiar with pentominoes, here is some of the information that comes with the set.

Pentominoes - intriguing puzzles and interesting games!

There are twelve distinct pentomino shapes with each covering five squares. Their total area is thus sixty squares.

The idea of Pentominoes has been around in Recreational Mathematics since the beginning of the 1900's. They remained somewhat obscure until 1953 when Professor Solomon W Golomb outlined their possibilities to mathematicians at the Harvard Mathematics Club. This group seized on them with considerable interest. They were brought to the notice of the world in general in 1957 when Martin Gardner (in his famous column in the Scientific American) wrote about them, and they have remained a rich source of spatial recreation ever since.

There are countless ways to rearrange these pieces to create interesting shapes or challenges.

Pentominoes will make rectangles, each of which uses all 12 pieces and therefore cover an area of 60 units.

Here are some challenges:

3X20 rectangle can be made 2 ways

4X15 ractangle can be made 368 ways

5X12 rectangle can be made 1010 ways

6X10 rectangle can be made 2339 ways

Smaller rectangles of 3X5, 4X5, 5X5, 5X6 etc… can also be made in many different ways

There are a number of puzzles which are solved using only some of the pieces:



The Triplication Problem

Select any one of the pentominoes. Then using 9 from the remaining pieces, make a shape which is the same as the originally selected pentomino, only 3 times larger on all dimensions (9 times bigger in area).

Besides its intrigue as a puzzle, the placement of pentominoes on a checkerboard makes an exciting competitive game of skill. Played by one, two, or three players, the object of the game is to be the last player to place a pentomino piece on the checkerboard. Players take turns choosing a piece and placing it on the board. The pieces must not overlap or extend beyond the boundary of the board, but they do not have to be adjacent. The game will last at least five, and at most twelve, moves, can never result in a draw, has more openings than chess, and will fascinate players of all ages.

There are hundreds of other pentominoe shapes and problems which can be found on the web. Below are just some of the sights to check out:

Pentominoes can also be used as effective teaching tools in the classroom. Pentomino activities nurture a non-anxious attitude towards mathematics and science, support the development of the problem-solving process, supply spatial-ability skill exercises, and introduce students to elementary number theory. Pentominoes furnish the means for initiating discussions about many mathematical concepts.

Product Features

  • Product Name: Kongming lock
    Materials: safe wood

Color: As Picture Shown
Size: 11.5cm x 17.5cm


  • This one is a kind of KONGMING Lock.
  • Puzzle lock is a type of intellectual toy that is composed of many wood blocks.
  • Puzzle  lock features exquisite workmanship and is quite hard to play with. Sometimes, people may spend hours but still can’t unlock the lock.
  •  Looks quite simple in structure. However, it is difficult to put the pieces together. We must observe patiently and think seriously to get the problem solved.
  • Puzzle lock is quite interesting. It may add great fun to our daily life.

Package include:
1 pc wood lock