Classic Solitaire Wood brainteaser puzzle toy Hi-Q peg jump Wooden Game Medium

Wood Brain teasor Toy
Classic Solitaire

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This is an amazing intellectual toy. It can stimulate and exercise your Right & Left brain, compared to other toys. A peg jumping game with hundreds of puzzles to solve. Solitaire is the Great-Great Grandfather of the Triangle peg game that many people are familiar with from Cracker Barrel or IHOP. Solitaire is essentially the same game, but more complex as there are more pegs and more interesting as there are so many variations that you can play. It is said to have originated in Europe in the 16th century. Even today, most Europeans are familiar with this format. Milton Bradley made a plastic version in the 60's and called it Hi-Q. The essential puzzle is to take out the center peg, start jumping and try to end up with as few as possible. The ultimate is to end up with one in the middle. But there are many more puzzles that can be done by changing the starting configuration of pegs. We provide one page (front and back) of puzzles to solve. If you do an internet seach underSolitaire peg jumpingyou will find much information on this puzzle and many many different puzzles to solve. Comes with a wood cover which the game is shown sitting in in the picture. Peg colors vary, but usually we have green, red, purple, and who knows... Let me know if you have a preference and we'll try to fill. This is the size medium and measures about 4.5" sq x 1.2" deep. Comes with the solution for taking the center peg out first and ending up with 1 peg in the center along with websites dedicated to the puzzle.
MaterialSolid Wood
Amount per Lot1 piece
Weight per Lot250g